Leisure in Jaca, Huesca, Aragon

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There are various activities that you can enjoy during your free time in Jaca. From skiing and snowboarding, hiking and visiting the Roman castles on the outskirts of town, to trying out tapas bars. Here in Jaca, there is leisure fun for everyone.

In this section, you can find a few ideas of how to spend your vacation in Jaca. Enjoy!


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  • Calle del Obispo 5 22700 Jaca

  • 620366112

    Calle de la Ordana, 15, 22792 Santa Cruz de la Serós, España

  • 974 356 378

    Pl. San Pedro, 1

  • 974 356 091

    c/ Mayor, 15

  • 974 363 746

    Avda del Primer Viernes de Mayo, s/n

  • 974 355 474

    c/ Río Gas, 3

  • 974 355 576

    c/ Levante, s/n

  • Restaurant Cobarcho was established 25 years ago. It is still maintains the same high standards that it had when it first opened. It is a large restaurant with 3 different halls, capable of seating up...

    974 361 597

    Calle Ramiro I

  • This restaurant is quite small, but it does have private dining rooms, air conditioning and a cosy atmosphere.

    974 356 161

    Calle Ferrenal, 16

  • Biarritz is located in the “Avenue The First Friday of May”. It is right in the centre of Jaca and has a very pleasant atmosphere. Meals and suppers are served for company meetings, and for normal social...

    974 361 632

    Avenida Primer Viernes de Mayo, 12

  • This is a very comfortable establishment, offering 24 rooms, with TV and satellite dish, telephone, complete bath, garage, etc....La Cocina Aragonesa is the hotel’s restaurant. Its kitchen is prestigious...

    974 361 050

    Paseo de la Constitución, 3

  • El Tizon is next to Jaca’s cathedral, straight across from the Ciudela. This is a popular place with skiers, as it is on the way to the slopes of Candanchu and Astun.

    974 362 780

    Avenida Primer Viernes de Mayo, 14

  • he Lilium offers a wide variety of creative dishes. It’s a good place to celebrate family occasions and to hold business meetings.

    974 355 356

    Avenida Primer Viernes de Mayo, 8

  • One of the most popular places to congregate at night in Jaca.

    974 355 459

    Pasaje del Carmen 3

  • Specializing in Aragonean cuisine.

    974 36 01 00

    Santa Orosia 1

  • Traditional Cuisin fom Aragón

    974-355 559

    Calle Domingo Miral, 19

  • Traditional cuisine.

    974 350 006 . 974 350 045

    Calle Arrabal, s/n

  • Beer Bar

    Calle Zocotín

  • Pub ambiance.

    Calle Bellido

  • +34 974 373 029.

    Plaza del Ayuntamiento

  • 902 480 001

    Av. el Ejército, 27

  • 974 356 222

    c/ Campoy Irigoyen, 6 bajo

  • 974362780

    Av. Primer Viernes de Mayo, 5 22700 Jaca (HUESCA)

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